Maquinaria para
Industrial Nueva
En Drylav ofrecemos soluciones en Maquinaria para Lavandería Industrial Nueva desde 1998. Amplio stock en Maquinaría industrial desde 30kg hasta 300kg y túneles de lavado

Carga aérea para túneles de lavado
Referencia: Almacenamiento aéreo


The washing process starts from when the vans arrive to the laundry full with clothes to be washed. In order to reduce time, Skema offers laundries their loading system, allowing the driver to load the linen in the relevant bags and direct it to the cycle of production.
The received sacks are hung directly on the trucks equipped with hooks, and by means of a confirmation button, they are directed to the elevator that transports the bags to the indicated level.
The same bags are directed successively to the different stations, where they are manually opened on the conveyor belt, beginning then with the counting operation of the linen.

Creation of a bag for the air system with the garments coming from a counting piece: the clothes go directly into the bag, which is then sent to the airlines
Laundry Solutions
Soluciones en Lavandería Industrial desde 1998
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