Second hand Machinery for
Industrial Laundry
In Drylav we offer solutions in Machinery for Industrial Laundries since 1998. Large stock in industrial machinery from 30kg to 300kg and washing tunnels


In Drylav (Rembli and Laundry Solutions), you will find the largest stock of Industrial Second Hand Dryers from the best international brands: Lapauw, Imesa, Cema. In addition, you can enjoy the best advantages Drylav: Direct sale of manufacturer, intercompany VAT exempt invoice.

  • Senking DT60 - Dryers

  • MVC100s DRYER (50/85 KG)

  • Dryer Senking DT140 gas

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Company supplier of Industrial Second Hand Dryers.

At Drylav you can choose from a large number of Second Hand Industrial Dryers from the best brands in the market. Contact Drylav and we will offer you the best machine renovation plan for your Industrial Laundry.

Laundry Solutions
Solutions in Industrial Laundry since 1998
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