The Society EXIT 2000 S.L. was founded in 1998 after many years of experience in the industry, operating under the trade DRYLAV, forming a technical and commercial team with many years of experience and spread throughout the entire country. It pioneered direct selling factories representing, with the advantage of being able to sell at lower prices than the competition (distributors) each represented a manufacturer and specialized in machinery, obtaining a high quality, direct advice and builder logically top destinations.
Also when intra–EU direct billing invoices are EXEMPT FROM VAT.

Our represented are:
MILNOR.– Tunnel washers 50, 60 and 120 kg, washers and dryers 7–300 Kgs
MONTANARI.– Control separation counting and clothing – Air transport by sacs – Air transport tire – Internal transport by automated tape – clothes separator to the output pizzas Press – RFID or smart Stores barcode – custom engineering projects
HJWEIR.– Introducing, Folding flat linen and plush inner automated transport systems.
BMM WESTON.– 500–1300 calenders dia. From 1–5 rolls – Tunnels and uniformity Presses – Autoclaves
GEMATEX.– Dryers automatic loading and unloading of aspiration.
MAGLIONE/PRIMUS.– Washers – Dryers – Wall Calenders – SELF / SELF SERVICE / LAUNDROMAT.
FIMAS.– Pressing machines – Mannequins – Toppers – Ironing Cabins – Spotting.
ZCS.– Storage and Distribution Conveyors – RFID Systems – clothing dispensers, surgical equipment, etc.
MAXI–PRESS.– Membranes presses all brands – Parts car wash.
COTALVA.– Silence pad – Springs – Waxes – Staples – Bands – Ribbons guide – Bags – Carts – Laundry Accessories.

Used Machines. – Rebuilt used machinery new, Carwashes – Introducing – Calenders – Folding flat linen and plush – Washers – Dryers – Boilers – Tunnels of uniformity.
SPARE. – Milnor – Pazzi – Luni Wash – Fratelli Rosa – Primus – Lavamac – Ipso – Unimac – Speed – Adc – Image – BMM Weston – MIL – Colmac – HJ Weir – Transferon – Lavatec – Passat – Fimas – Montanari.
Laundry facilities turnkey, Self (No Excess) Projects, Maintenance contracts.
As always we are available for any consultation wish to do, we offer our direct service with support and advice from our representatives, national and international level.